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Are you a gym fit woman looking for something to help celebrate your new found body confidence or looking to build on that confidence??? You want a "Fitness" photo shoot but not that stereotypical gym shoot or with weights and machines or typical gym wear etc ??? Something a little more personal, perhaps a  little bit edgy or sexy for your own personal album, wall hanging or significant other??  Then maybe a "Femme Fit" shoot is for you!!

You will be surprised at how easy it is to become your own work of art through a combination of artistic lighting , posing and simple timeless props along with your favourite one piece swimsuit, lingerie etc, the choice is yours.


You Get...


Studio shoot  (up to approx 2 hours) in our dedicated studio with 4-5 changes of your own clothing.  We run through several poses/ sets in our white high key setting and our black contrasty low key setting and with various lighting setups configured to you personally.  We also have a selection of simple props such as stools, boxes, rope and chain etc for you to interact with and to add interest and and aesthetic appeal  to your images. All direction is given and photos are reviewed by you throughout the shoot for instant feedback.


You get 8 digital Photoshop finished  HIGH RESOLUTION print ready images of your choice as well as  LOW RESOLUTION versions for web and social media  FREE OF INTRUSIVE AND OFF PUTTING WATERMARKS!!!!



Your investment is $295  with options to expand including buying extra finished images or buying all unedited high resolution proofs from shoot for fixed price of $160!!! Great for those wanting to drip feed their SOCIAL MEDIA  economically while maintaining quality!!

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If you are wanting something a little more "EDGY" and "ARTISTIC" then check out "BEYOND FITNESS PORTFOLIO".






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