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The Empowerment Package

"She has stories worth telling, memories worth remembering, dreams worth working toward, a body worth feeding, a soul worth tending, and beyond that, the spirit of the universe dwells within her, the true culmination of super and natural.
She is more than dust and bones.
She is spirit and power.
And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears"

The "Empowerment Package" is like nothing else you are going to find. It is a studio based photo shoot aimed at those women (and men!!!)  who are wanting to celebrate a goal achieved, a milestone reached, a demon beaten etc or those who just want to step outside of their comfort zone in a safe and professional environment to increase their confidence and self esteem.

This could be a new level of athleticism or fitness achieved, a recently achieved weight loss goal, the recovery  or rehabilitation from serious sickness or injury or a new awakening  etc.


This package is a product/ print based package and is primarily for the woman (or man) who wants something tangible she can cherish on a personal level for years to come and not just a quick and fleeting moment with only short term gratification. It is an experience which will yield an artistic interpretation of what you think represents strength, beauty, femininity, confidence and "empowerment" in a way a gym shoot or location shoot won't do. The key word here is "YOU". What do "YOU" want??  How do "YOU" want to see "YOU"??? 

The photo shoot is based on your own ideas and input, it includes hair and makeup followed by a "Mega Shoot" of approx 3-4 hours duration and is customised to you and your tastes. It is generally based around the feel of  my "Femme Fit" and "Beyond Fit" genres but is open to your own interpretation and ideas.

The resulting images are reviewed by you with the final top 16 favourites custom retouched and printed in a 16 page 6" x  6" album which is presented in quality presentation box.

This is something you should consider as a "must do" rather a "wish I could do"

It is my intention with these shoot experiences to bring out something in you which you find empowering with a sense of strength and vulnerability, femininity and confidence, beauty and fierce. Your reason for shooting and your story will be unique to you and as such some time will be spent finding out a little about you and your expectations with a view to us both creating an experience which will yield an artistic interpretation of what you think represents the above attributes. This will start with an email or phone call from you and progress to a pre shoot consultation at which point you can ...

1)  Meet me (your photographer).

2) Ask questions.

3) View studio and associated props, backgrounds and lighting etc.

4) View sample of album available to you post shoot.

Empowerment Package includes:

*  Pre shoot consultation at studio.

*  Professional hair and makeup onsite prior to shoot.

*  Studio shoot of approx 3 - 4 hours duration with various lighting setups, backgrounds,  props and clothing changes.

*  6" x 6" Flat Lay Leatherette book containing 16 thick pages of your favourite images in quality presentation box.

*USB/ digital download of matching digital files.

Extra pages and images can be added if desired.

This package also allows you option of purchasing further product à la carte style if you wish (matted prints, framed prints, folio boxes, canvases etc).

All prints are archival quality and resistant to fading with long life expectancy.

Cost of the "Empowerment Package" is $1125 incl GST.

We do require a retainer paid upfront ($250 non refundable to secure date, photographer and makeup artist followed by balance within one week prior to photo shoot).

Installments prior to shoot can be arranged.

If this sounds like you then be sure to get in touch via my "Contact Page"

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