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About Fitness And Physique

My name is  Peter Morris and I am an internationally award winning photographer based in Auckland specialising in people photography and operate primarily from my dedicated studio in West Auckland along side my wife Rosemary. I shoot people from all walks of life for all sorts of reasons .

I have been photographing both men and women in "Fitness"  style for over 20 years and have found it to be a very rewarding genre with overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have undertaken such shoots.

I love working with light and shadow to flatter and enhance shape and form and have built up a skill set and knowledge base which can come only from years of experience.

The studio from which I work from has been built on years of refinement and is both comfortable and versatile while also being very practical and "tuneable" for different looks and effects.

I shoot both pro athletes and complete novices from all codes and for all sorts of reasons.

If you are wanting to shoot in this style but not sure how to get started be sure to browse the website and get in touch via the "Contact" page.


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